Richard is a first class honours graduate of Trinity College Dublin and an award winning entrepreneur having been previously presented with the Howard Kilroy (Smurfit) Business Award and the Trinity College Entrepreneur Award.

Richard has always been enthusiastic about enterprise, passionate about entrepreneurship, curious about finance, nuts about numbers and hell bent on helping others get what they want from their businesses. He believes that it is this financial knowledge combined with his entrepreneurial flair, that has made EasyDoesIt what it is today.

While working in a variety of traditional accounting roles I saw vast opportunities to improve the accuracy & efficiency of the accounting process. But more importantly, I saw an opportunity to empower my clients by equipping them with valuable insights and by communicating key pieces of financial information.

Since the age of 8, when I made £5 profit one summer growing courgettes in my parent’s conservatory and selling them to my neighbours, I have always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur. I love to see people succeed and I get a real buzz from helping others achieve success, whatever success means to them.” Richard Boate

But this success doesn’t just come about by adding or subtracting numbers on a page or by offering key financial advice. Richard also has a foundation in facilitation as a coaching skill – something that has been nurtured in a different arena to that of the financial world. Via the educational arena of Equine Assisted Learning, Richard has discovered the many benefits that being around horses can have on human nature. Not only can it affect how we assimilate information, process events and interpret these events to help us make better choices in our private lives, it can also help to facilitate change in the workplace by increasing awareness of how individual personalities, skills and outlooks can come together to complement each other.

If Richard isn’t in a boardroom he can be found in an outdoor arena with his equine colleagues consciously learning about the effects of ‘human action on external environment’ and pondering ways to bring this learning back to benefit the wider business community.